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How it works

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Welcome to our do-it-yourself studio where you paint designs on functional pottery! Artistically challenged? No Problem! This is Talent Optional!

Here's how it works:

  1. PICK a Piece.
  2. Draw or copy a design using our transfer paper or choose from a wide selection of stencils, stamps and add-ons.
  3. PICK your paints and brushes and PAINT your piece.
  4. Give it to us to glaze & BURN!
  5. Retrieve it in 7-9 days for a food-safe masterpiece created by YOU!

Pottery to go

Traveling pottery to go! Available for groups of 20 or more. We will bring all materials and supplies to you! Great for classrooms, senior activities, church groups or daycares. Click here to download a "Pottery-to-go" agreement.

Gift Certificates

Pick up our unique paint palette gift certificate for a creative gift idea. Kids & adults will be proud of their creations! Everyone has a great time painting and celebrating with friends.

Paying for your creation

You pay for your bisque piece plus a studio fee of $8 per painter. This includes glazing, firing & everything you need to complete your piece.

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